Inspiration from our Muse, Eliza Dee

Inspiration from Eliza

Loves yellow
Loves her Ukelele
Loves a pink sky
Loves Candy
Sings a lot, especially after candy
Loves roses
Loves sailing
Loves Harry Potter
Loves aqua blue
Loves Hawaii
Loves ramen
Loves skiing
Loves C major
Loves Scotland
Makes a mean chicken parmigiana
Loves a plumeria lei
Loves her dog Charlie


  • Erica Karlin

    What an amusing muse you have. I love a pink sky in Hawaii while eating ramen, too! And I am excited about my one-and-only black Friday purchase this year. Thank you, Eliza Dee! XO Erica

  • Amy Dutrisac

    I couldn’t love this more!!!! So excited and inspired.can’t wait to shop

  • Sara White

    What a treat opening this email to beautiful clothes and…. beautiful Eliza! Congratulations! We can’t wait to shop, and hope to congratulate you all in person soon. Love your clothes, your vision, and your muse ❤️

  • Holly Cornelison

    Eliza Dee is Awesome!!!!

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